Maryland Bridges

Maryland Bridges

Losing your front teeth can be pretty traumatic for anyone. While there are several options for replacing these teeth, one of the best options for tooth replacement is the Maryland Bonded Bridge.

What is a Maryland Bonded Bridge?

A Maryland bonded bridge contains one false tooth that is bonded to wings that bond the false tooth to the neighboring teeth. It takes two visits to the dentist to have a Maryland bonded bridge placed. During the first visit, Dr. Cohen prepares the teeth on either side of the missing tooth for the bonding process. He then uses acid to etch the teeth and makes a mold of the area where the tooth is missing. The shape gets sent to a lab, where they make a bridge.

During the second dental visit, the bridge is fitted into place, and the wings get bonded to the neighboring teeth. The wings of this device are made of resin and don’t harm the teeth to which they are attached. Also, the resin attachments don’t discolor the teeth they to which they are connected. Only two teeth can be bonded into the mouth by the Maryland bonded bridge method.

Maryland bonded bridges have been used for about 20 years. This type of bridge remains much more affordable than other types of tooth replacement, making the process accessible to more people. No invasive procedures are used to insert the bridge; your teeth won’t need to be ground down to place the bridge. Plus, bonding the bridge to neighboring teeth strengthens those teeth.