Dental and Oral Trauma

If you have had an accident, trauma, slip-and-fall, sports injury, and have any dental and oral injuries no matter how major or minor, please call Dr. Cohen ASAP for an evaluation and possible treatment.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

When one of your teeth gets knocked out, you should call Dr. Cohen right away. You should grasp the tooth by its crown and not the root to ensure it stays healthy until you can be seen. Rinse the tooth with tap water. Put the tooth in its socket and keep it there until you see the dentist. If not, keep the tooth moist until you see your dentist.

If your tooth gets chipped or broken, please call Dr. Cohen as soon as you can. Keep the broken section of the tooth in a moist cloth. If your tooth is misaligned, you can gently put it back into place. Then gently bite down on the tooth to secure it. Dr. Cohen may be able to save the tooth by splinting it into your mouth.
See our Dental Emergency Page for more information and contact details.

Mouth Lacerations

Significant cuts inside the mouth also need to be treated as quickly as possible by emergency personnel in your local emergency room or by our doctor in our office. Keep the pressure on the cut to keep it from bleeding profusely. Some cuts need stitches to heal properly, which we can provide. Some lacerations will additionally need antibiotic treatments to heal as well.