Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Cohen treats all children. We recommend that our little loved ones start seeing our office regularly from the age of 3.

It is important for children to be seen twice per year for check-ups, cleaning, growth and development monitoring, and education

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. If dental caries are present, it’s important for them to be restored, as it is in adults. Unrestored dental caries (cavities) in baby teeth will result in infections that may only be treated by root canal or extraction. It is necessary for baby teeth to be healthy and remain in the child’s mouth until the adult teeth are ready to erupt. Premature loss of baby teeth can result in altered oral and dental development and altered dental growth development.

Our office routinely provides the following pediatric services:

  • Routine checkups and cleaning
  • Dental fillings or restorations
  • Root canal therapy
  • Extractions and oral surgery
  • Space maintainers
  • Fluoride treatments and dental education
  • Growth and development monitoring and intervention
  • All Pediatric Emergencies

Pediatric dentistry, also known as Pedodontics, is a special field of dentistry that involves children. For children of all ages, it is incredibly important that dental care and preventative measures be taken to ensure a bright and beautiful smile for life. 

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Entail?

Pediatric dentistry involves a range of procedures and treatments to ensure that a child’s teeth are kept clean and healthy. It is their job to both educate the child on proper oral hygiene, as well as to connect with parents who are trying to learn what is best for their kids. Some of the important roles of pediatric dentistry include:

  • Education – It is the dentist’s job to educate the child as well as their parents on proper oral hygiene and care. They use kid-friendly terminology to ensure that the child understands how to properly brush and floss their teeth, as well as what to expect with certain dental procedures.
  • Preventative Care – Dr. Cohen will provide preventative care to help avoid cavities and other dental-related problems. Preventative care includes exams, x-rays, cleanings, and fluoride. 
  • Intervention – If decay is present on the teeth, or if there is a problem with development, it is the dentist’s job to intervene and provide reliable, safe and comfortable treatment. When pediatric dentists are able to provide a relaxing environment for kids, they are able to perform these procedures easier than a typical dental office.
  • Growth and Development – Dr. Cohen will monitor your child’s growth and development and can alert you of any unusual changes. Pediatric dentists are often the ones to inform parents when orthodontic treatment is needed or recommended.

Why It’s Important for Kids to Visit a  Dentist

It is essential that kids have a good sense of the importance of visiting the dentist. It is imperative that you make it a habit to bring your child to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. When this habit is established while they are young, kids will grow up to be adults who regularly visit their dental provider.